18 March 2013

Get to know Rex a little.

I get the opportunity to share some things about me on my blog and everyone seems to enjoy that but i'm pretty sure I know someone who is a lot cuter than I am and i'm sure you would love to learn a little more about him, am I right? Well, here he is!
Just look at how he's sitting, he's such a babe, right?

Whatever you are doing, he will find a way to sabotage it. If i'm reading a book he will lie on my arm so I can't turn the page or he'll lie across my stomache so I can't comfortably hold the book. If i'm putting some washing on he will walk all over the piles i've made on the floor. If i'm on my laptop he's usually trying to lean against it or on it. If i'm wrapping presents he's trying to play with the selotape or just sitting on the paper itself. I'm pretty sure he's just annoyed that my attention is on something less important than him!

He gives high fives. We've taught him to high five, sit, lay, give paw (both of them!) roll over, stand (which is known as "on your feet") Dance (he spins around once he's on his feet) and then if you say "this way" when he's on his feet he'll do the Odie dance just like the gif below!! I watched the Garfield movie one day and as soon as I saw him dancing I wanted to get Rex to do it! How happy does that gif make you feel!?

He knows what "tin" and "walkies" mean. The latter is pretty obvious, if you even utter the word his tail goes up and he just stares at you as if to say "are you serious!?". We say "tin" when he has his tea. He has biscuits in the morning and tin mixed with biscuits for his tea, which he still goes nuts over. He gives paw before he has his tea and the other day I forgot this, put the food down and walked away and he just sat there staring at me, I realised what was wrong and asked him for his paw, then he started eating. My heart melted <3

He actually watches the tv. Honestly, he sits and watches it for minutes on end, his head moving side to side watching what is going on. He also goes nuts when an animal is on, any animal. He runs around the living room whining because he can't get close enough. He doesn't like fighting or any scenes that are a bit intense, when Liam watches Walking Dead all you can hear is him whining! I don't think he's a fan of zombies...

He loves being under cover and "nudges" you until you let him in. Whenever we're sat on the sofa he usually jumps up, looks at each of us and then starts nudging the cover with his nose so that we're aware he would like to be inside it. If you ignore him he'll start dragging at it with his paw until you let him in. I always play a fun game where I hide under a duvet and he jumps and digs at wherever I am, trying to get to me. It's hilarious!!

He's ruined our sofa, but we don't care :) . He sits on the top of this cushion which has flattened it completely and he sits in behind it, which has ruined one of the zips. But look at he cute he looks!!
So there are a couple of things about our little Rexy that we love, I didn't want to overload you with too much Rex. I'll share some more of his gorgeous little face for you again soon!!

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  1. Rex is sooo cute! He is exactly like my puppy who I had to leave at mum and dad's when I moved in January. Coke is mini foxy cross Jack Russell, but looks like a pure-bred Jack Russell and is the funniest, most loving dog in the world! And so smart! How smart are they!

    1. I bet he's adorable!! I have a soft spot for every single Jack Russell in the world x

    2. And yeah, they are SO smart! Rex baffles me sometimes with his brain, i'm sure he's smarter than I am!

    3. So do I :)
      It's incredible the things they can do! Coke can open every door and window in the house. And they are so easy to train because they are naturally so intelligent :)
      Coke totally knows when he is doing the wrong thing. You can see it haha. He tries to be so sneaky and is always devastated when I catch him at something he isn't supposed to do :)

  2. Hi Rex! I'm sure you're absolutely not named after any Toy Story characters!

    He looks so cute hiding in the sofa. What a cutie!


    1. Absolutely not... I have no idea what you're talking about... x


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