20 May 2013

A Day In The Life :: My Date With a Bedbug!

That's right guys, on Saturday the 18th of May I got to meet my blog BFF, Becky Bedbug! We arranged to meet in Bristol because it's half way between the two of us and it's a pretty awesome city with lots of things to do! I can reveal that Becky is not a 50 year old man and she actually does look like the pictures on her blog, and yes, her boobs are as big and wonderful as they look. (While we were eating lunch Becky pointed out my "I <3 Boobies" wrist band, so yes I do appreciate good boobies when I see them!) So, without further ado, here is my fun day with a Bedbug!

8am I woke up, ate breakfast and put my make up on. My eyeliner went on perfectly straight away I took this to mean that today was going to be a good day! I walked to the station to catch my train at 9:25am.
10am The "train manager" (apparently... that's what he called himself!) checked my tickets and so I made myself comfortable and got stuck into my book!

11:30am I arrived at Bristol Temple Meads and found out which platform Becky was arriving at and went to wait on a bench with my book. (I was absolutely shitting myself at this point, I might add.) 

12pm I greeted Becky from the train, walking up to her nervously waving and then gave her a big hug, obviously. She wasn't as short as I thought, which I was so glad about! I'm always wary about looking like a giant when i'm walking around with short friends! The start of our adventure was a bit of a nightmare when we realised that Cabot Circus was a little way away from the train station and we would need some cash to get there using either a bus or a taxi, so we spent a good ten minutes walking around not knowing what to do, the only cash machine around was the one in the station which were behind the barriers we had already walked through, nightmare!

12:30pm. We made our way to Nando's (of course!) and yes, we decided to share a whole chicken.

1:30pm We absolutely didn't play on the kiddies ride...

2:00pm We went into Claire's and tried to find the most Emo things we could. Luckily there was a wall full of the stuff! 

3pm We did a little extra shopping and then decided to find Bristol Museum! We stopped off for a drink in Costa first and then headed off to the museum using the wonderful technology of phones. On our way we stopped off and took some outfit photos, as you can see, Becky was trying to get a good camera angle! The wind kept blowing her dress up so I was on bum-hiding duty.

4pm We found the museum! We saw the awesome gypsy carriage, which is beautiful and I would love to sleep in one some day! We found the dinosaurs, owls, bats, cute little mice and this cat... who clearly cannot handle life. We found a table (for children) to do some colouring on and obviously, we did some colouring! 

6:45pm After having a drink in Wetherspoons and then making our way back to the train station, we said our goodbyes (boo!!!), I got on my train, opened my book and out fell this little beauty. We had taken it earlier in the day, after our lunch and I had a little smile to myself because I have a new friend, who is just as awesome as I am. (:P)


  1. Awww, it looks like you guys had so much fun!! :)



    This might be my favourite post ever. Thank you for complimenting my boobies. Never too far! Thanks also for capturing what are officially THE most graceful and elegant photos of me climbing on railings!

    We are the Awesome Twins!


    1. Your boobies are magnificent so they must be mentioned!!x

  3. You two are the cutest. Like, no joke, THE CUTEST. This is the best and it makes me wish that I had blogger pals close by. I have to drive four hours to get to the closest ones... Time for a road trip so I can be a silly tourist with some bloggers, me thinks.

    Thanks for letting us share in your special day. xo

    1. There must be bloggers closer to you? Four hours is a very long journey!x

  4. Naww! I'm so glad your day with Becky went well! It looks like you had the most awesome time! So jealous that all my best blog friends live in bloody England so I'll have to save for a lifetime before I can come and visit all of you! xx

  5. Aww it sounds like you had such a lovely day!! That gypsy carriage is GORGEOUS too, I want one! xx

  6. Aw! Such a cute little day you two had :)



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