Hello loves! I'm Leona and I live in Devon with my husband, Liam. I'm a Cornish bird at heart. Late nights on the sofa with a good film, walks in the woods, or some fish and chips on the beach is all I need to keep me happy.

Liam and I have been together for 10 years. We met on Myspace, talked on MSN for a little while, I charmed him with my wit, clearly he thought I was even funnier in person and the rest is history. It's really quite the millennial love story to be jealous of, don't you think? After being engaged for 7 years we finally got married this year! He keeps me sane, he makes me laugh every single day and, more importantly he gets my weirdness.

Six years ago we got this little lad, Rex. He is a Jack Russell Terrier and he is the most awesome little dude in the world. He loves a nice blanket to sleep on, he likes to chew on squeaky toys and he loves a nice doggy babe to flirt with. It doesn't even need to be a doggy babe to be honest, he flirts with any kind of babe, the little floozy.

My blog is a little hobby. A space for our adventures, my moans and my loves. Grab a cup of tea (or whatever you would prefer), get yourself comfortable and join us on our adventures.

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