Our engagement!!

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If you would like the short version, you can watch the video here!  yeah, we have a tonne of videos from our engagement, how lucky are we!!
I am so sorry for the length of this!  (Once I start, I can't stop!)

I decided last night that I really wanted to write about the 18th of december 2009. Not for any particular reason, not because I wanted to 'brag' or 'rub it in your face'... simply because I wanted to remember everything about it, and if I did ever forget something about it - it would be here, for me to read over and over! I would write it and save it on my laptop, but I feel a little silly writing to myself? When, atleast here, I know someone might read it and appreciate it?

So, the lead up to the 18th? Well, about a month before Christmas Liam told me that I wasn’t allowed to look at his emails (not that I ever did, but should I want to, don’t.) He has a blackberry, so every time his phone went off, if it was an email, again, I wasn’t allowed to look! Not once did I think that it was because he was planning our engagement though?
The actual planning? Well, I found out afterwards that he had posted a discussion on the paramore.net forum asking anybody who knew anyway that he could actually manage to do this, for their help. He’d emailed their management, but they got back to him and said that ‘they were sorry, but Paramore were unable to do this’. He made a fake twitter and asked everybody to retweet his posts, message them, get their friends to retweet his posts (just make sure there was no way of it getting back to me, obviously!) He tried everything, but failed.

Anywhoooo. On the 16th of December, Liam told me to open one my Christmas presents, I didn't want to because I didn't want to have nothing to open on Christmas day, but he kept telling me that if I didn't open it, he would, so I had to! It was in a box that he'd filled with old t-shirts and newspaper and inside the boxes were four envelopes, with 'Part One' 'Part Two' 'Part Three' and 'Part Four' written on each. He told me that I could open the first three - Part one was a 'megabus' ticket, for London. At this point I thought we were going up for the weekend to do a bit of shopping and go for a meal or something? The second part was the hotel confirmation sheet and the third part was our paramore tickets! (yay!) (At this point I got insanely excited because prior to this, we had seen paramore on the monday in Cardiff, and for the past 2 days I was really sad because Paramore were that good on the Monday that I really really wanted to see them again, but couldn't. So I moped around for ages feeling like I had the most boring life!) I kept asking what the fourth part was but he wouldn't tell me! I started thinking that it could be like theatre tickets or something? Tickets to anything really? I then changed my status on facebook and told everyone how awesome my boyfriend was for getting us another paramore ticket and a hotel and how awesome our weekend was going to be - little did they know. I texted my friend Sophie-Shark to tell her that we were seeing paramore again and she asked about the other 'parts' and then when I told her about the fourth part she was like 'I BET HE'S GUNNA PROPOSE' which I replied to with 'No, don't be silly!'

Right, onto the Friday! (i’m getting excited just writing this!!) Our coach was at 7am on the Friday morning, so we trundled on down to the bus stop and waited for about half an hour for our coach! (we saw a cute little couple stood at the bus-stop too and I was like ‘I bet they’re going to paramore’. You know how you can just tell, with some people?) So we started our journey to landan. This took about 5/6 hours? On the way we stopped in Exeter. There was little patches of snow as we got further into our journey and the when we actually got about an hour away from London, bam, snow everywhere! We got soo excited and started taking pictures and sending them to my mum to show her how awesome it all looked. (she had actually had snow... we hadn’t. So she wasn’t as amused as we were!) When we got into London we headed over to our hotel(i’ve just looked at pictures of it, and I want to go back there so bad! Best hotel i’ve ever been to. It was so warm and pretty!) Once we got to the hotel we sat and cuddled while watching TV – I remember that we watched crappy afternoon TV and then countdown, I’m not sure why? We never normally watch countdown? I think it was just the lazy-ness of the afternoon? And how relaxing the whole place was? Either way, I loved it : )

After that we headed to a tesco that we’d walked past on the way and got stuff for our tea! I think Liam got a pasta pot and I got crisps and a reindeer cookie

(pretty yummy tea, if you ask me!) And then we headed down to Wembley Arena! (ahhh, i’m getting so excited already!!)

Firstly, it was freakin’ freezing. So so cold, everyone was walking around with huge scarves on and holding onto the person next to them like they were afraid they would be frozen into a block of ice – it was quite cute : ) So heading down to the arena we were freezing, then when we got there we saw the huuuuuuuuge queue that we faced and wanted to die! Luckily, we were walking past said queue and hear ‘LIAM!’ look to our left and Liam’s friend Tristan is there! So we got to cut off at least half of the queue :D We didn’t queue for long, about twenty minutes, and then we were inside! We went to look at the merch and then headed into the arena, where we went and sat next to the sound desk. (We also go by the sound desk, because it always make you a little higher than everyone else, therefore you can see above heads, and the sound is always better there, because it needs to be!) We sat and watched ‘Now, Now, Every Children’, (Just in case you were wondering, they don’t get any better the second time around.) After they finished we went and got some chips, it turned out that the reindeer cookie and packet of crisps I had wasn’t enough... who’d of thought? We got our chips and started walking back inside when Liam tapped me on the shoulder and whispered ‘Look behind you... is that who I think it is?’ I look behind me, and it’s Sid from Skins!! Yes, we did say Hello and we got a photo :D

We then got inside, got our spot at the sound desk again and watched Paper Route... On Monday, this was the time where we met josh! He was stood in the sound desk with his girlfriend watching paper route, just as they finished he walked around the back and out of the gate, where we met him and asked him to sign our tickets! We asked for a photo (Lame, I know, but it’s Josh Farro <3) But he said he couldn’t as he had to run : (. Now, on Friday we saw him again and Liam got really excited, he asked whether we should go and talk to him again and I said that i’d wait here because i’d rather save our spot so that we get to watch them with a good view later, so he went and waited at the gate. This guy then goes ‘he a fan of Josh then?’ ‘Yeah, he loves him! I think he might love him more than Hayley’ ‘Really?!?!’ ‘haha, no.’ That was about it. All this time Liam had walked over to the other side of the arena with him, with me watching him, Josh and him then stopped and had a three second chat, and then Josh ran off. He came back and I asked what they were talking about, he said ‘nothing really’. I took this to mean that he’d said something really embarrassing, like you do when you’re a huge fan and have just met one of your favourite people, so I didn’t ask anymore! We then watched You Me At six.... I feel bad because I do tend to like them, but they are so boring live!..... & then ‘Always Attract’ starts playing and I actually start watching because I think Hayley’s going to come on like she did in Cardiff, but no, it’s his sister, and compared to Hayley, i’m sorry, but it was boring : ( so I sat back down and waited for Paramore.

So yes, Paramore come on and I am soooo excited! They are awesome. Incredible! The best i’ve ever seen them <3 The set list so far?

1. Brand New Eyes Tour Intro

2. Ignorance

3. I Caught Myself

4. That's What You Get

5. Looking Up

6. crushcrushcrush

7. Turn It Off

Hayley - “So, we’ve come a long way from mean fiddler, And uh, where else? Underworld maybe? All those shows that we played when we first started out, Thankyou guys, I don’t even know how this happened!? So um, before the show we got a letter....”Right now i’m thinking some fan sent a letter and they were about to read it out? So I got dead excited thinking they were going to get called up on stage! Then Liam says ‘Do you want to know what I was talking to Josh about earlier!?” me ‘What??????” 

“Well actually Josh got a letter and well, would you like to call some people up onto the stage?” Josh “Sure” I LOVE that Hayley walks over to him to show him our names but he puts his hand up like ‘I already know them!” Is Liam Wood in the house?” Hayley – “Liam Wood? Liam Wood are you here?” I look at Liam and am currently having a mini heart-attack? I think?

My thoughts right now? Did they actually just call my boyfriend’s name? Liam Wood? Josh and Hayley are shouting Liam’s name? Is there another Liam wood in the crowd? Liam is a pretty common name, and Wood is SO common.

Liam’s hand goes up.

FUCK. Liam’s hand is up! Did he give them this note? WHY DID HE GIVE THEM THIS LETTER. WHAT DOES THIS LETTER SAY???

Josh – “Can we get some lights on the crowd? Where’s Liam Wood? No, There’s a bunch of fakes everywhere!”

At this point Liam starts jumping and waving. So I start jumping and pointing at him. Doing ANYTHING to get their attention!

Josh “Is that them back there? And Leona May?” He then points AT US and i'm like...SHIT THAT’S MY NAME!!! He's pointing at us? I am now shaking like a mad person. I have no idea why their shouting my name. PARAMORE shouting my name? Paramore asking for me and liam! PARAMORE! 

Josh Come up on stage” Liam looks at me and then grabs my hand and we start moving. We get half way up to the stage and I start to feel incredibly sick. I don’t know WHY their calling us up on stage! Are they gunna get us to sing? Is Liam going to play guitar? If so, I don’t really want to be singing in front of 12,500 people!! I can’t get onstage and be like ‘No I don’t really feel like singing’ What if it’s just Liam who’s playing guitar and i’m doing nothing... I don’t want to just be stood there looking like a Lemon. Fuck.
And now I feel even sicker. I’m concentrating so hard on not being sick, you don’t even realise. I honestly thought I might have been sick on stage. I then start to feel incredibly shaky. I just hold onto Liam’s hand and we end up at the barriers to the stage.

Guard – “What do you guys want?” “WE’RE THE PEOPLE THAT THEY’RE ASKING FOR!!” Hayley and Josh then point at us and the guards let us in. Oh shit. I’m backstage. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. The guard then shows us to the stairs that we have to walk up... crap.crap.crap.crap.crap. How I walked up those stairs i’ll never know! We walk onto stage and there, in front of me, is Paramore. Freaking Paramore. This whole time I don’t think I realised that I would actually be on stage with paramore. PARAMORE!

Hayley – “So Liam, do you wanna take the mic?”

I have no idea what my thoughts are right now. I don’t think I even thought anything? I looked out at the crowd and saw tonnes of faces staring at us. Liam – “I’m a little nervous now!” Then Hayley’s handing Liam the mic, and it didn’t even register for me to wonder why? I wave at Hayley, turn around and Liam and he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a little box!! NOW it registers. NOW I SEE A BOX. AND WE ARE ONSTAGE AND HE IS PROPOSING TO ME. LIAM CHARLES WOOD IS PROPOSING TO ME! Now he’s getting down on one knee!! It’s soooo perfect! AHHHH! I don’t remember thinking anything, just my stomache doing flips and right now there are thousands of butterflies going mad in there. I turn back and there he is, on one knee, with the hugest smile on his face. I genuinely don’t know what I thought right now. I just wanted to hug him and say YES YES YES YES YES! But I can’t say yes, because I hug him and cry and cry and cry. I can’t even speak! I just cry. I forget about the crowd, I forget about being on stage, I forget about paramore and just hug him. Then they’re dedicating The Only exception to us and it’s so magic and perfect that I just want to cry some more!

So, we move to the back of the stage and get to watch them perform The Only Exception from there (L) Just then, Taylor comes over and gives us both hugs and high fives. And then Jeremy, and then Zac comes over and gives me the hugest hug ever, then Liam and he goes ‘Hi! That was awesome, I’m Zach by the way!’ Liam – “We know who you are! Your our favourite band!” Him – “No way really?” HELL.YES.

Brandon Chesbro then comes over to us and asks for some photos, after a quick make-up sort (well, an attempt of...) he takes some pictures and then gives us high fives! We then get told by a guy that we can watch the rest of the show from the side of the stage! AWESOME. Completely and utterly awesome. I feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world right now.

We watch the rest of the show from the side of the stage and tonnes of the crew keep coming up and congratulating us :D The amount of high fives we got from people that night! Liam then gets a text from Tristan (Remember him... about two thousand words ago? Haha) saying ‘Dude! That was awesome! Best thing i’ve ever seen! Congrats’ In all the excitement i’d forgotten about him (and Drew – his pal) and then thought it was pretty awesome that he got to watch it! I know i’d have gone mad if it was my friend! I then remember that I probably needed to let everyone know... but as we were inside, I had to text them all!

I then find out HOW MANY people knew about the proposal! (Not how he was going to do it, just that he was going to propose tonight) and I then realise I have the best friends/family for keeping the whole thing a secret and not even flinching the whole time they’d known!!!

Liam then gives me 'Part four' Which is a letter explaining that he had tried to this whole thing with paramore, but it had obviously failed, and then there was an adorable little speech about us and then 'turn over' and on the other side it said 'Will You Marry Me?' <3 <3 <3. This was later used to write a little letter to paramore saying thankyou!

At the end of the show Brandon came over and gave us his card and asked us to email him to get the photos from him. We then walk back to the hotel.. on our way we are congratulated by about 100 people in the Arena <3 (I love you all). We then headed back to the hotel with Tristan and Drew because they wanted to buy us a drink, while in the hotel we were sat at a table and a couple came up to us and said ‘Are you the couple from on stage?’ We said yes and then they congratulated us : )

We then got back to our hotel room and I say “oh, and by the way, Yes : )”

We wake up that morning to about 30 text messages of everyone telling us that we’re on youtube!!!!!!! And that we’re all over twitter and facebook! INSANE <3

I actually said to him 'What would you have done if i'd said no?' to which he replied 'I knew you wouldn't. Do you think I would have done it if there was anything little thought that you'd say no?' .....true <3

So. I’m going to stop now, because i’ve written waaaaaaaay too much! I’m sorry : ( I just couldn’t stop typing. If you have any questions, just ask me and i’ll gladly talk about it some more!

<3 <3

ps. if anyone has any way of letting Josh know that I want to thank him with all my heart.... then please do :) He was the only one we didn't get to say thankyou to :(


I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes <3


  1. this is SO sweet! I definitely saw this video on youtube months ago!!! such an amazing thing :) xx

    1. Ahh that's awesome! There are a crazy amount of views on the video, it's so ace :) x

  2. I just read all of this and went on Youtube and watched the video too, so so so amazing!

    1. Thank you for reading it! I really need to re-read it and check the crazy spelling because I bet it's nuts x

  3. Oh my god <3 this is actually amazing! Paramore are one of my all time favourite bands, I am so jealous! Haha, congratulations :) emmerliejay

    1. Ours too!! They are awesome aren't they?
      Thank you x

  4. I can totally see why you wrote thousands of words about your engagement! Totally amazing. Really enjoyed this post! You've definitely found a keeper!! <3

    1. I just rambled and rambled! He' alright isn't he :P x

  5. Bloody hell Leona, that's utterly ridiculously amazing! He's certainly a keeper (well, obviously you think so, you're engaged to him!!!) xx

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    Kirsty xo

  10. I've just discovered your blog and halfway through this story it clicked...I was THERE for that proposal! I remember getting all emotional because it was such a beautiful way to do it, what a wonderful coincidence! Congratulations again :) xo

  11. Hi I'm a new follower, and I've literally been sat reading your blog for the past hour or so! (Bit stalker but it's just really entertaining.) and this post oh my I've sent it to one of my friends who loves Paramore. I've actually got tears, it's so amazing how much effort you're fiance went to I really hope I find a guy who's willing to do that much for me! Congratulations!
    Kloe xx

    1. I still can't believe how much effort he put in! It's still so amazing :) x

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    lily x

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  23. OMFG! That was you!! I was at that show, (I bunked the day off school so I could be at the front) I remember thinking 'that is the luckiest girl in the world' not because you got to meet Paramore, but because you had someone who cared about you enough to go through all that effort to get the perfect proposal. I always rank that show as my favourite Paramore show that I have been to, simply because of that engagement- your engagement! <3

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  25. Oh my God, I was at that gig! I was in tears when this happened and didn't even know you guys!
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    Gem x

  26. Oh my God, I was at that gig! I was in tears when that happened and didn't even know you two!
    Even though it was years ago, congratulations! Best proposal ever!

    Gem x


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